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How the Yarn is Made
These yarns are created especially for you. Living in the Ozark hills overlooking the Missouri River, we choose our lambs and goats for the natural colored fibers.

First the raw wool is washed, cleaning the fleeces and preshrinking the fibers. After washing, the vibrant colors are attained by hand dyeing with natural and synthetic dyes. The fibers are then carded on a large drum carder and handspun on a Louet wheel to give a unique texture.

  Natural Qualities
We minimize the processing of our yarns to preserve the special natural qualities that most modern yarns lose. Which means, you will occasionally find small bits of nature in the material. (Machine yarns are often over processed using strong chemicals that cause the breakage of the fiber and lowers the quality of the yarn.)

When purchasing our yarns, try to buy enough for the entire project from the same lot. Each batch is a unique combination of dyed wools. Additionally, every year, as the sheep and goats age, their coats change color. These two factors make the yarn colors extremely difficult to duplicate later, so it’s important to purchase enough for your entire project.

Over time the garments will peel, leaving a smoother finish. This is a natural aging process and does not affect the quality. I still have woven Shepard coats and blankets in great condition after more than 20 years.

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